Corporate Responsibility


As a responsible corporate citizen we believe and uphold the principles of corporate responsibility in synergy with our commitment to achieving good financial results for our shareholders.

We pledge that our business and its success will be built on proper corporate responsibility, practices, and the embracing of ethical business practices and behaviour. This foundation and our commitment towards serving the community and society by practicing good governance will be instrumental and key to building competitive advantages, customer satisfaction and society peace of mind and the securing of long term acceptance of GUH name.

The way forward in upholding our namesake as one among a list of well-established public listed companies is our endeavour to contribute positively towards the community, society and also to protect the environment during the course of business. Our commitment towards this noble crusade is enshrined in our Corporate Vision and Mission.

We believe that corporate responsibility is about promoting long term sustainability of the business through proper conduct, ethical interactions in the market place, work place, environment and the community and that these processes shall be built on the principles of proper corporate governance. As such, we embrace the guiding wisdom that in the course of business there will be no detrimental effects on society, community and the environment. with that as a foundation, our pursuance of world class products and innovative processes shall result in satisfied cutomers, stakeholders, shareholders and society.


As a responsible Company, we are aware that any business activities will have impacts on the environment and these impacts encompass the process route from resource environment to output. In protecting the environment, GUH endeavours to minimize the impact by continuously improving its facilities and operations to reduce emissions and discharges along the entire process route. In addition, GUH plays an active role by educating its associates, employees, suppliers, customers and consumers that global warming to a large extent is caused by the environmental footprint of industries.

Some of GUH initiatives on reducing the Company’s environmental footprint include:

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We are taking initiatives to educate, promote, inform and alert employees, customers and suppliers on the detrimental effects of climate change and global warming through our daily contacts and communication in the course of business.

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We lead by example in our manufacturing operations by implementing steps to improve energy efficiency and thus aim to reduce emissions into the atmosphere..

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GUH encourages its employees to take an active role in recycling during the course of work. This is not merely confined to the manufacturing operations but also evidential in the earnest campaigning of the 3Rs of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling in the office.

The Company is committed on its current and future actions on conserving energy, reducing pollution, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and thus committed to reducing its carbon footprint as a good corporate citizen.